Content Films

Coca-cola's global campaign

CD: Fred Saldanha
AD: Douglas Kozonoe (dogura) / Fernando Reis
CW: Fred Saldanha / Marcelo Padoca / Beto Cocito

CD: Anselmo Ramos
AD: Douglas Kozonoe (dogura)
CW: Eduardo Marques

To launch the French independent movie "Floride", which tells the story of a man discovering he has Alzheimer's, we did something unique.

A recent study conducted by the Max Planck Institute of Neuroscience in Germany discovered that musical memories are stored in the last area of the brain affected by Alzheimer’s disease.

So, why not transform the patients life stories into songs?

This idea became a movement of musicians willing to compose songs for Alzheimer's patients, transforming their stories into music.

Some of the artists: Jair Oliveira & Simoninha, Ana Julia Zambianchi, Android sem par, Trevisan (ex Teatro Mágico), Estevão Queiroga and many others.

CCO: Eduardo Battiston
CD: Ricardo Diniz / Douglas Kozonoe (dogura)
AD: Maicon Pinheiro
CW: Alexandre Freire

CCO: Benjamin Yung
CD: Luiz Filipin / Douglas Kozonoe (dogura)
AD: Vitor Prado
CW: Murilo Zennedine

  ECD: Andrea Siqueira, Douglas Kozonoe (dogura)
CW:: Airton Dias, Felipe Araujo
AD: Raphael Brites, Camila Rocha