hello, I’m dogura.

Hello, my name is Douglas Kozonoe a.k.a. dogura.

My grandma couldn't pronounce my name because of her japanese accent, so she used to call me "dogura".

I was born in São Paulo in 1980 and always liked to create stories and drawings.
In 1999 I started to work with internet projects and in 2002 I started as designer at a digital agency.
Since then, I'm expressing my creativity through advertising, digital and innovative ideas.
I'm currently working as Executive Creative Director at ampfy, an indie agency in Brazil.

During my career I won several awards, these include: One Show, Cannes Lions, D&AD, London International Awards, Clio Awards, Effie, JayChiat and all the latin-american awards. In total, more than 30 recognitions in advertising awards.
Once, I was selected in FILE (International Electronic Language Festival) and I have a degree in musical arts (eletric bass) in Villa Lobos conservatory.

I also have a degree in Industrial Design from Mackenzie University, and a postgraduate degree in Communication, Art and Technology from Belas Artes Unicenter - São Paulo.

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/douglaskozonoe/
Contact me: kozonoe@gmail.com

Thanks for the visit.